Covid 19 and real estate

March 25, 2020

What a crazy time!  At the beginning of the month the real estate market was on fire. Multiple offers, huge demand and lots of showings. What a difference a week can make. This is a difficult time for everyone.

I am lucky that I do lots of my work online, offers and most paperwork can be paperless. The use of electronic signatures has made writing and accepting offers much easier.  There are people that will need to sell their homes and buyers that need to buy.  Of course viewing properties can be a bit of an issue. We are working to find ways to work around it. (showing vacant homes, virtual tours, great pictures, constantly using hand sanitizer, physical distancing) .  It can be done, but safety must come first.

We all need to keep safe and take care of ourselves, our families and friends.  This will pass. Hopefully soon!